Probably The Best Wedding Band In The World

With Male & Female Lead Vocalists and a repertoire that spans four generations, The Salvation are the #1 choice for couples looking to pack the dance floor on their wedding night...

Having formed in 2010, the band changed in 2014 to it's strongest ever lineup! Now with a calibre of musician and entertainers far superior to 99% of other bands, the band travel the UK, Dubai & Europe full time performing at Wedding, Awards Ceremonies and other Corporate Events.

The band have one goal and one goal only! TO PACK THE DANCEFLOOR!

Invariably, the set list is chosen on the fly by the band so that they can maximise the amount of your guests that take to the floor and get involved with the party.

With a repertoire that's got something for everyone, you can be sure that even 'Grandma' will find there's something for her to jive to!

In addition to the phenomenal evening entertainment that the band offer, there's also the option of having them join you on the afternoon of your big day to perform one of a variety of different options they offer ranging from an acoustic set to solo saxophone set.




>> No Agency Fees

>> Professional Management

>> All Members have 'Cover' in case of illness

>> All Inclusive Prices (No hidden extras)

>> Disco Option

>> Acoustic Option

>> Available UK Wide

>> Professional PA/Sound System (Included)

>> Professional Lighting (Included)



Not only are the band phenomenal entertainers, they're also professionally managed so you can guarantee that your customer service experience will be equally brilliant and there'll always be someone available to answer any question that you have in the lead up to your big day!